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Precious Nails Salon & Spa is a premier salon offering a wide variety of beauty services.

Nail Retreat

Nail Retreat

Naturtural Nails

Dipping Powder Durable nail enhancement layer boasts a range of colors, is lightweight, and lasts for weeks $60

Gel Polish great for individuals seeking a long-lasting manicure that keeps up with their dynamic lifestyle! $40

Nail Extensions
New set $75 | Refill $65

Poly Gel Known for their strength, flexibility, and odorless application, hard gel nails offer a natural yet durable extension solution.

Acrylic a classic choice for nail extensions, known for their resilience into various lengths and shapes

One Time Wear
New set $75

Gel X: offers a comfortable fit, shine, and impressive lightweight.

EXTRA service
White Tips $8 | Ombre $15

Nail Removal without service $25, with service +$5.
Nail Repair, Nail Arts, Polish Change ... price to be quoted

Nail Grooming

This treat includes a precise cuticle trim, nail cleaning, and a relaxing hand massage. Add on to any of our nail services. +$15

Foot Retreat

Heat Stone Pedicure

Looking to give your feet the ultimate pampering after a long day of standing? Start your treatment with an herbal foot soak and a sugar scrub, followed by a hot towel wrap to further soothe your tired feet. The Hot Stone Massage is the perfect treatment for you

The heat from the stones will not only relax your muscles and increase blood flow, but also detoxify your body, providing relief fromanny adches amnd oparinse. O.u.r .hydrating hot oil will leave your feet feeling renewed, and your skin soft and nourished

We top it off with a soothing steam mask to make the experience extra special for you. (gel polish +$20)

Quick Escape Pedicure

A pedicure that offers a delightful break from your daily routine. Begins with a refreshing soak infused with salt soak, basic grooming and exfoliating. Complete your escape with a light soothing massage. Choose from a variety of nail polish colors and return to your day feeling refreshed and recharged. (gel polish +$20)

“Precious ME" Pedicure

Treat yourself to a pampering experience with our 'Precious Me' Pedicure. This indulgent service includes a scented bath soap soak, a sugar scrub, a mask with a hot towel, and a relaxing massage to leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our pedicure also features a paraffin wax treatment infused with hydrating properties, deeply moisturizing your feet, while the warm paraffin and hot stone massage help to open up your pores and nourish your skin.

To elevate your experience further, we offer a neck wrap and candle massage after your paraffin treatment. This will leave you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated from head to toe. (gel polish +$20)

Foot Retreat
Masculine Retreat

Masculine Retreat

Thoughtfully crafted with manly ingredients to cater to the discerning tastes of modern men.

Indulge in our cedarwood and sandalwood soak, meticulously designed to refresh and rejuvenate your senses. Followed by a deep exfoliation treatment featuring crushed walnut shells and black charcoal, revealing smooth skin. Relax with a soothing massage using peppermint- infused oil, providing relief to tired muscles and promoting circulation.

Pedicure $75 | Manicure $45 | Foot soak $40

Other services

Spa packages

will be available starting Fall 2024


  • Acai Fusion Pedicure
  • Gel Polish & Nail Grooming
  • Steam eye mask
  • Hand and Feet Paraffin Treatment


  • Zen Green Tea Pedicure
  • Neck Wrap & Hot stone Foot Massage
  • Hand and Feet Collagen Treatment


  • Masculine Retreat Pedicure & Manicure
  • Steam Eye Mask
  • Neck Wrap & Hot stone Foot Massage


Eyebrows $18

Full Face $65

Upper lip $10

Sideburn $30

Other areas available upon request


Heel Treatment $10

Gel Polish Change $35

for toe nails)



Under 10 years old

Pedicure $40

Manicure $25

Gel Polish add $15

Other services